Museum Alive

With David Attenborough

Come face to face with breathtaking prehistoric creatures in Mixed Reality guided by Natural History legend David Attenborough

Title: Museum Alive

Released: 2019

Runtime: 5 Minutes

Bring prehistoric animals back to life with the Magic Leap One headset. See a Dimorphodon fly out of your window or discover what lies under the skin of a fearsome Sabre-toothed tiger.

Museum Alive uses the power of spatial computing, plane detection, and hand tracking to bring ultra-realistic, scientifically accurate animations of extinct animals into the real world. Reach inside interactive bubbles to activate long lost creatures and see them move around the room in 3D. While you discover the story for yourself, a compelling narration from Sir David Attenborough gives you a detailed understanding of the various animals and timelines.

This experience received two award nominations at Raindance Film Festival in October 2019 under the name Rise of Animals. It was the first-ever Mixed Reality experience included in the European film festival.


Director: Elliot Graves
Producers: Arnaud Baernhoft and Vianney Comot
Executive Producer: Anthony Geffen
Lead Developer: Henry Engelland-Gay
Real Time Supervisor: Bhaumik Patel
Sound Designer: Oliver Kadel

VFX Supervisor: David Barker
Modelling and Animation: Doroth Ballarini, Rob Angol, Simon Reid and Mark Gregory
Spatial Computing: Spatial Vision Inc.
VFX and 3D: Zoo VFX
Immersive Audio: 1.618 Digital
Orchestra: Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra, London Metropolitan Orchestra
Music: Steve McLaughin, Joel Douek, Greg Pliska and Richard Fiocca