Atlantic Productions in collaboration with The Stephen Hawking Foundation announce Stephen Hawking’s Black Holes location-based Immersive Experience together with a Theatrical Documentary about his life.

March 1, 2019

Atlantic Productions is collaborating with the family of the late physicist Stephen Hawking to create Stephen Hawking’s Black Holes Immersive Experience and Stephen Hawking Theatrical Documentary; due for release early 2020.

Stephen Hawking’s Black Holes location-based Immersive Experience is the result of a collaboration between Stephen Hawking and Atlantic Productions’ Filmmaker Anthony Geffen which has been in production for the last two years. Hawking himself imagined the location-based experience to take the viewer on a journey through the universe with him as a guide. The experience will include specially recorded narration by Hawking, helping the viewer to be immersed in the adventure. Atlantic Productions is working with leading technology specialists around the world to build a new platform to deliver a unique interactive experience. Stephen Hawking’s wish was to make the experience accessible to the public and deliver it through new cutting-edge technology.

A collaboration between the people who knew him the best, the Stephen Hawking Theatrical Documentary will reveal the life and work of the scientific and cultural icon, Professor Stephen Hawking in a way he has never been seen before. The documentary will access new personal footage and reveal the true man behind his life story and innovative work. The filmmakers have exclusive access to the family and those closest to him.

Author and journalist Lucy Hawking, daughter of the late Professor Hawking, says “We are delighted to be collaborating with Atlantic Productions on a revealing, informed and insightful documentary about our father’s life and work. We are also very excited about the creation of an experience to illustrate our father’s scientific theories through immersive technology. We are especially pleased as our father always searched for innovative ways to explain science to the widest audience possible and was fascinated by the potential of new technologies to enthral his audience. This project, which began in his office in Cambridge two years ago, will now take viewers on a stunning cosmic journey to reveal our father’s vision of the universe.”

Anthony Geffen, CEO and Filmmaker of Atlantic Productions says “Professor Hawking was one of the most incredible minds of modern times. His ground-breaking scientific findings shaped physics as we know it and helped to unlock some of the Universe’s greatest mysteries. It was a great honor to work with Stephen Hawking, so closely on these projects which he considered to be an important part of his legacy.  The immersive experience will take the viewer on a journey through his mind, using cutting edge technology. I am excited by our preliminary discussions about the museum being one of the locations for the immersive experience, who we have collaborated with before on Space Descent VR with Tim Peake. The documentary is going to give us an inside view into the man himself and how he carried out his work. With the help of from those closest to him, new interviews with Hawking and his home footage we are going to shed new light on his remarkable life.”

Roger Highfield, Director of External Affairs at the Science Museum, said, ‘Since his childhood, Stephen Hawking was a regular visitor to the Science Museum, which he described as one of his favourite places. We are always looking for new ways to tell the story of the world’s best-known scientist, who not only made huge strides in cosmology but was also a hugely successful science writer and a beacon of inspiration for how the limitations of the body can be overcome by the power of the mind.’

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