Space Descent VR shortlisted for prestigious museum award

March 15, 2018

Space Descent VR with Tim Peake has been shortlisted in the Innovation category at this year’s Museum & Heritage awards. This is such a great achievement – well done to all the team involved! Alchemy won the Innovation award back in 2016 for our very first museum VR experience  David Attenborough’s First Life VR.

The experience takes visitors to the Science Museum on a journey from the International Space Station (ISS) back down to Earth in one of the most durable space crafts of the modern age – a Soyuz Descent Capsule. During the journey they are guided down by Tim Peake – the first UK astronaut to travel to the ISS. It was commissioned to go alongside the acquisition of the Soyuz capsule that Peake himself travelled back down to Earth in, it allows visitors to see what it’s like inside the capsule without actually being inside! The experience is currently on tour of the UK which you can read more about here.