Elliot Graves

Creative and Technical Lead

Elliot leads Alchemy’s Immersive and Digital productions focused on story-telling and quality. As an immersive experience Director, he works across all XR technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality and AI empowered experiences.

He came to Atlantic with significant experience in the XR industry producing and directing award-winning branded experiences within the agency space. This includes delivering top AR, VR and AI enhanced projects for Nike, Google, Ford, UNICEF, O2 and UEFA. Beyond his creative work, Elliot has developed capture and post-production pipelines for immersive content, including bespoke camera solutions, VFX workflows and photo/videogrammetry systems. He has worked alongside hardware and software development including Adobe, Nokia OZO and Foundry toolsets.

Elliot started his career in factual exploration production, working with The Royal Geographical Society, the United Nations and the BBC across a range of different initiatives.