The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon

Journey deep into the heart of the Amazon to the world of the Munduruku Indigenous People which is under threat from planned government construction initiatives.

Title: Munduruku

Released: 2017

Runtime: 14 minutes

Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon is an extraordinary experience where users are transported inside one of the Amazon’s most iconic indigenous communities, the Munduruku, at oen of the most important moments in their ancient history. The Munduruku are under threat, with the government planning on building a series of dams on the Tapajos River which might destroy their homeland forever.

Considered as the next step in VR storytelling, Munduruku combines cutting edge virtual reality filmmaking and multi-sensory storytelling to fully immerse the viewer with the story that is played out within an immersive ‘pod’, designed by multi-sensory storytelling production company The Feelies , which provides users with a truly empathic, unparalleled multi-sensory virtual reality experience.

Alchemy used the latest 360 video and binaural sound technology to create the audio and visual elements of the project. Directing the action more like a theatrical production than a standard film, the members of the tribe were encouraged to make full use of the 360 space provided to carry out their day to day activities through gentle stage direction and clever placement of the camera. To create the multi-sensory elements The Feelies collected data by performing a sensory mapping of the local area – including taking a perfumer to take in the scents of the forest.  From this they created six award winning bespoke perfumes, an infrasonic frequency track, humid atmospheres and a narrative of heat and wind.


Case Studies

  • Munduruku - Future Play Festival, Edinburgh Scotland

    For a a full month the multi-sensory pod was displayed at Future Play Festival which focuses on emerging technologies and digital experiences and runs alongside Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.
  • Munduruku - Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury UK

    For five days the 5 minute version was exhibited in Greenpeace’s VR dome at Glastonbury Festival UK. The experience was launched by the ‘tribe man’ himself Bruce Parry. The multi-sensory pod was exhibited in the backstage VIP area behind the Pyramid Stage.
  • Munduruku - Sheffield Doc|Fest, Sheffield UK

    Muduruku’s UK premiere was at Sheff Doc/Fest where over the course of five days the full multi-sensory pod was displayed in the Alternate Realities exhibition, allowing three people to see the full version every hour. In total 2000 festival goers enjoyed the full experience and it was awarded the Audience Award . The short version was also displayed during the course of the festival on two Samsung Gear VR headsets. As part of Sheff Doc’Fest’s strategy of connecting audiences from across the globe by showcasing factual storytelling through new technologies the pod was toured across Latin America visiting DocMontevideo, Uruguay, DOCSP, Brazil, and Noviembre Electrónico, Argentina. The tour was supported by the British Council. Through Sheff Doc Fest the short version was played for one day on a number of Samsung Gear VR headsets in the film and music arena At Latitude Festival UK.
  • Munduruku - Centro Cultural Correios, São Paulo Brazil

    The world premier of Munduruku was at Centro Cultural Correios in São Paulo, Brazil. Five multi-sensory pods, designed by Mark Tildesley (designer of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony) had an entire installation built around them which featured living plants and a photography exhibition.  The short version was available on Samsung Gear VR headsets which were installed into the exhibition which ran for a full month and was sol out for it’s entire run.



People's Choice Award

Raindance Film Festival

Best Social Impact Experience

Sheffield Doc|Fest

Audience Award: Alternate Realities

A uniquely all-encompassing viewing experience

The Fountain

The only issue was that the tears made my glasses steam up... Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before

Civil Society Futures

Munduruku is enhanced by an enormous sense of pageantry and attention to detail’

Sight and Sound, BFI